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Descent Sundays

Vancouver's hottest Goth, Industrial, and EBM nightclub!

Dcog LogoDescent Sundays is an event in Vancouver, British Columbia. Descent has been running since August 2007 and focuses on delivering the best Goth, Industrial, EBM, and Metal dance floor in the city of Vancouver. We strive to both support and grow the Gothic Alternative community. To HELL with Mondays! Dare to be Different! Make the Descent!

About Us

Our team is made up of amazing people who donate their time and effort to put on this awesome event. We work hard to keep this event running and to make it enjoyable for you. Get more info about us and what makes this event great!

Descent Events

Descent currently runs once a month and we alternate having a themed event as well as regular events focused purely on being a sanctuary from the mad world we live in. We enforce no dress code, although we encourage people to dress up, and we take your requests. Stay informed of up and coming events or look back on some of our great events of the past.


The music is the most important part of our parties. We wish to cater to familiar alternative favourites as well as push new and local music. Typically, Descent focuses on playing Goth, EBM, Metal, Industrial, Techno, Drum & Base, Electro-Swing, and EDM. We even have known to play a few songs in Dubstep. Curious about what kind of music we play? Check out all of our Setlists. We have kept records going back to our very first event.

Gothic News

Descent is interested in all things related to Goth culture. We have a Gothic News section to help you stay on top of news, art, music, events, fashion & clothes, and any other topics of interest to the dark alternative community.

Contact Us

Have a question for us? Want to help out with the event? Have some suggestions or feedback? Just want to tell us how AWESOME we are? Contact Us with anything you want to let us know!

DJ Surreal July 2015
Surreal Sanguine
Otaku Cosplay Setlist

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